General advice

Pull over as soon as possible. Law enforcement officers tend to get angry or become very suspicious if you don’t pull over quickly.

That being said, the side of the road is a very dangerous place for you and the officer, so always pull over to the right, and in a safe place. On divided highways, signal and safely move over to the far right lane, and then to the shoulder. When you come to a complete stop, choose a section of roadway that has a full shoulder, without guardrails if possible. Pulling over on the left may obstruct traffic, and pulling over next to a guardrail may make it difficult for the officer to safely approach your car.

Know where your paperwork is. Normally, when a police officer first pulls you over, he/she will ask for your license, registration, and insurance. If you're organized, the officer will appreciate it, and it lets you conclude the stop quickly and safely. Always identify yourself. If you have a CHL, let the officer know immediately.

Make the officer feel safe. Turn your dome light on at night. Always keep your hands in plain sight. Don't make any sudden movements. Ask the cop if you can move or get something. Don’t put your hands in your pockets. Roll your window down all the way. Stay in the car unless told to get out. Use common sense and don't put the officer in an uncomfortable situation.

Let the cop talk first. Don't say things that could incriminate you. Keep your cool, even if you're upset about being stopped. React kindly, and be polite. Remember, this is all on video.

Don't argue with the cop. If you are cited or arrested, fight the case in court. Being argumentative only makes the situation worse.

Don’t act like a jerk. Remember, this is all on video!!!

Watch what you say. Remember, this is all on video!!!

Stand on your rights. Be firm, yet courteous. Don’t consent to a search. Don’t answer any incriminating questions. Invoke you right to counsel by asking for a lawyer. Ask the cop “Am I free to go?” And if you are, leave.

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